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As Lady Antoinette Ezra Fitz once said, “Let them eat cake!”

hi just losing my shit

Featuring TWP Mary Jane Platform Wedge in White Styling by Stephanie Dale stephanieddale.tumblr.comPhotography by Anya Holdstock

Cassandrea Xavier

if my pillow were clear though

so cool

Hairy Naked Ladies! A rejected bookmark design. Still need to use this for something, I am determined to get hairy naked ladies into at least one project this year…………

As a selfie queen I’m going to level with everyone here on why it’s actually pretty normal to store nude selfies because it’s apparently mind boggling: taking a tasteful, dynamic and HQ photo of your own naked body is actually really really really hard. I’ve taken them for MANY reasons, ranging from emotional self-portraits, to simply having a rare day where you’re like damn, I actually feel good about my body and want to immortalize it so that I can eat this gallon of Oregon strawberry ice cream and still know that this goddess lies in wait beneath all these layers of sugar and guilt. I have probably over 200 naked pictures of myself on my computer right now—which admittedly is actually pretty excessive—all of which I have been the sole viewer of. So get off yo’ high horse about naked celebrities storing their pics, because if you’ve ever tried to capture your own unmentionables (and let’s face it, you have) you should realize it’s easier said than done, and that’s saying a lot since I don’t even have a dick to deal with.

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